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I found some old pictures of our apartment…

Our living space has changed a lot in the past year.

We applied the KonMari method to our home last summer and cleared out probably half our stuff. Mainly clearing things that had been smushed onto shelves because “there was room” or stuff that had been hidden in drawers then forgotten about.

Last November, we decided to revamp our space such that our one-bedroom apartment became a studio apartment plus office. Interestingly, the week following the rearrangement of our home, we both got job offers after a year of unemployment.

It’s been a fantastic ride to transform our home and really make it into something we love being in. We are proud of showing others our space.

This morning, I was shocked at just how far we have come when I found some old pictures (taken by somebody else) of our home before the KonMari method.

Specifically, pictures of our home from a time when I was incredibly busy with grad school and Christopher was working full time at an actual office.

Interesting story with where these pictures came from…

What I’ve been reading…

You can see all my reading history on my Storygraph account but I thought I’d dive into the more recent books I’ve read. I used to simply post a picture of a book I’ve read on my Instagram stories but with these recent reads, I had more to say.

Plus, since I have been on Instagram less, I haven’t really been posting to my stories much these days.

It’s now been a month since I decided to ease up on my social media use and I have been feeling better. I have replaced the habit of reaching for my phone with reaching for a book.

I’m not saying one is better than the other. I just know, for myself, it has been way better to pick up a book more often than my phone these days.

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