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Redefining my Relationship with Social Media

I am very active on social media, specifically Instagram. In the past year, it has been a great connection to the outside world as I have felt so disconnected from people. However, my relationship with social media now needs to change because it is not serving me the way it used to in my day to day activities.

This month marks one year of writing this blog, and promoting this blog, on social media. I think this is a great accomplishment as my initial goal was simply to write more and I have been able to do so much in this space. I have developed my skills in writing, design, marketing, content creation, and so much more.

I’m proud of what I have accomplished this past year, and I just need to make sure I am not stuck feeling busy with watching things happen only on social media. So while I will still be continuing this blog and my presence on social media, it will just be different…

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