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The stories of my most cherished souvenirs

If I were to choose, I’d say my most cherished souvenirs are the photographs I have captured over the years. When I hear the word souvenir, though, my mind always jumps to cheap knick knacks purchased while on vacation. A souvenir can actually be anything that is kept as a reminder of a person, place, or event. I think the best example of a souvenir that most people will pay a large amount of money for is wedding pictures. When budgeting for our wedding, the most common tip I found was basically, “Don’t cheap out on wedding photography because once the day is over, it is all you will have to remember it by!” Pic or it didn’t happen, I guess. Our wedding pictures are a very cherished souvenir of ours, so I guess it’s true. What’s nice about photographs is that they can be kept very safe, and accessible, in a completely digital format. Sure, we have a few framed pictures on display and I’ve made some nice albums, but we mostly look at our pictures in online albums. As minimalists, this is great because it allows us to have a lot of souvenirs that don’t take up much space. Now, digital minimalism is a thing and we definitely haven’t gone out of our way to organize pictures beyond dumping them into Google Photos so that will likely be something we want to do one day… But for now, it works.

What about the physical objects we have kept as souvenirs, though? When we cleared out our apartment with the KonMari method, we found A LOT of souvenirs from over the years and had to make some seemingly tough choices. However, I can’t think of any souvenirs we let go of that I miss. I think the process worked really well and has made the things we did keep all the more cherished. Here are the stories of my most cherished (physical object) souvenirs:

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