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A childfree woman goes out into the world trying to find her career path…

Growing up, I constructed a lot of stories in my head about what it means to be a woman. Though not at all true, I always saw parenthood and having a career as an “either or” choice. Obviously, a person can be a parent with a career, but I never looked at it that way. In my head, if I was going to be the one birthing the child and I acknowledged that I could have any child with any amount of unknown needs, I figured I would have to make the decision between being a parent and having a career. So, in my mind, I couldn’t fathom giving up a career to solely care for a child. I also saw stay-at-home mothers as people who put their careers on hold to raise their children. Of course, what was happening was I was building these stories of women giving up careers in my head. It’s not like I was sitting down with a bunch of mothers and asking them about their life choices. This tells me that I probably saw these mothers in this way because I myself was afraid of one day having to put my career on hold for a child. To me, that sounded like a horrible thing. I think there are many reasons why I am childfree but being able to focus any time I want on a career I am passionate about is definitely up there. So, with all that, what is the career I am passionate about? Welp, I have no clue.

I am a childfree woman that wants to focus on her career and I am very confused about my career aspirations. And you know what keeps happening these days? I keep getting this awful horrible intrusive thought…

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