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What is this blog really about?

I have been doing this blog for 6 months now and that is super exciting! Now that it’s a new year as well, I thought I would touch on the 5 main topics I focus on with this blog and how things are going. If you don’t know, the topics of my blog are: minimalism, being childfree, marriage, travel, and reading. If you like one or more of those topics, you’re in the right place! 

A Minimalist Christmas

I am an introvert. Most people don’t believe me when I describe myself that way because they associate introversion with being shy. I am a person who loves public speaking, has performed in live theatre, and is almost always willing to speak up in a group. I’m also very loud, so people just don’t often see me as an introvert, often actually challenging me by saying, “You’re not an introvert! I’m an introvert!” And I’m just like, “Okay.” While many people associate introversion with shyness, I look to the definition of introverts being people who gain energy from being alone and give energy by being with people. Whereas extroverts often gain energy from being with people. Spending the holidays alone (with my husband) has been quite the change but also kind of nice. And it’s not that we don’t like what we usually do over the holidays with family and whatnot, it’s just that this year we didn’t have to make any decisions in regards to planning outings for ourselves or with other people. There was really just nothing to choose from this year, and while that was disappointing, it was just kind of nice.

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